The Ultimate Experience In Children's Parties including Clowns, Magicians, Face Painters & More...!

Petting-Zoo-Fotolia 73464408 XSHere's a birthday party that will keep even very young children mesmerized for at least an hour!

We offer a variety of animals for the children to meet, pet, feed and be photographed with. Expose them to the animals in way you just cannot experience anywhere else. Up close and personal.

They can meet a variety of animals including; pot bellied pigs, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, goats, sheep and more. All animals are accustomed to the noise and temperment of children. Not only is this a great learning experience it is an interactive way for the little ones to remember the event.

Few party activities are more fascinating to tiny tots—and older children—than petting and feeding gentle furry and feathered farm animals.


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