Give us a call so we can work with you to ensure that you get the best entertainer and/or amusements for your party. Turn your party into something that will be remembered long after your child is bored with the presents.

We have some tips to make your party a success....

KISS - Keep It Simply Silly

  • First the Entertainer
  • Then the Food and Cake
  • And Finally, Open the Presents

The ideal number of children for a clown or magician is 10-15. If the children are a little older have a few more, if younger a few less.

Book your Entertainer as early as possible. Circus Fun has some bookings six months out. We can, however, still accommodate you the next day but you may need to be flexible with the time.

Consider having the party at 11 AM. It is cooler in the summer at that hour and the kids are less tired. This way the show will end around Noon just in time for lunch and cake.
Set the Stage

Location: Indoors is best, outdoor noises and distractions can ruin a show. Add to that heat, glare, and a lawn to play on, and things can go awry. In order to make it easier for the entertainer to maintain order we appreciate having the kids sit on the floor or ground rather than chairs, this also affords the children the best possible view. Chairs can be a bother and lead to disruptions. Additionally, it is easier for you as you do not have to bring out the chairs.

Noise: Parental chatter is the single most difficult problem for a children's entertainer. We ask that you provide a separate room for the adults and infants, or ask the adults to refrain from conversation during the performance. This will avoid the performer from having to interrupt the program. We do ask that an adult or two remain with the children during the performance to assist in maintaining order.

You are needed. Even though our performers are professionals it is usually difficult for a clown to be a disciplinarian. You do not want your child remembering a clown scolding another child. As well behaved as your child may be, not all children are. We ask that at least one of the hosts be present during the performance to help with that one child that will inevitably get out of hand and could potentially spoil the experience for everyone.

Other distractions: Turn off background music, and tuck toys out of sight. Send dogs and cats into temporary exile. Make sure there is enough light in the room and that it is not too stuffy. Feed the children after the performance if possible, if not at least 30 minutes prior.

Performers Preparation:

Ask in advance whether there is anything the performer will need. A magician may require an empty table or some time alone in the room to prepare.

Party decorations are great. Decorate to your taste; extravagantly or simply. But keep hanging and dangling decorations out of the performing area. The entertainer bumping into them and knocking them around as he performs will be a distraction and an annoyance for the audience as well as the entertainer. They could also block the audience view and in some cases be dangerous.

Avoid surprises:

Make sure you are getting a professional entertainer and not someone trying to make a few extra bucks. Ask these key questions:

  • How long have you been entertaining? You will get a less expensive entertainer if they who has less experience. An experienced professional will not only do a better job, but can better handle those problems that clowns often face, making your party a success rather than a failure.
  • How long is your show? After years of experience we have developed a program that is tried and true. Our Shows typically run about 40 minutes for the clown or magic show, and another 20 minutes is set aside for balloon animals and other interaction with the performer. Children usually cannot handle much more than this. Times will vary a little based on the group of children at your function.
  • Is there a deposit? When is Payment expected? We do require a deposit as we are setting the time aside for you and your party. This often means we must turn others away. We also expect to be paid at the time of the performance.
  • What are your cancellation/rescheduling policy? We have probably turned away other shows to schedule yours, please try to avoid cancellations.
  • When should I pay the entertainer? Payment is expected when we arrive. Checks should be made out to Circus Fun. TIPS are not expected but when one of our performers does an exceptional job a TIP is always appreciated.

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