K.I.S.S - Keep It Simple Silly

Give us a call so we can work with you to ensure that you get the best entertainer and/or amusements for your party. Turn your party into something that will be remembered long after your child is bored with the presents.

We have some tips to make your party a success....

KISS - Keep It Simply Silly

  • First the Entertainer
  • Then the Food and Cake
  • And Finally, Open the Presents

The ideal number of children for a clown or magician is 10-15. If the children are a little older have a few more, if younger a few less.

Book your Entertainer as early as possible. Circus Fun has some bookings six months out. We can, however, still accommodate you the next day but you may need to be flexible with the time.

Consider having the party at 11 AM. It is cooler in the summer at that hour and the kids are less tired. This way the show will end around Noon just in time for lunch and cake.
Set the Stage

Location: Indoors is best, outdoor noises and distractions can ruin a show. Add to that heat, glare, and a lawn to play on, and things can go awry. In order to make it easier for the entertainer to maintain order we appreciate having the kids sit on the floor or ground rather than chairs, this also affords the children the best possible view. Chairs can be a bother and lead to disruptions. Additionally, it is easier for you as you do not have to bring out the chairs.

Noise: Parental chatter is the single most difficult problem for a children's entertainer. We ask that you provide a separate room for the adults and infants, or ask the adults to refrain from conversation during the performance. This will avoid the performer from having to interrupt the program. We do ask that an adult or two remain with the children during the performance to assist in maintaining order.

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Some things to consider before booking an entertainer

Most children under the age of 3 are afraid of heavily made up clowns or costume characters. We can provide a lightly made up clown to try to avoid this problem. You also may get a photo and put it on the refrigerator a week or two beforehand, so that the child is not afraid

if your 2-3 year old has a favorite character, remember that a life sized Clifford, Blue, Elmo or Barney that stands 6 feet tall can be overwhelming. We do not offer these characters as there are copyright issues that prohibit the characters from truly resembling the character. Additionally, the quality of the costumes available tend ensure that everyone is disappointed and that makes for bad business.

Magicians are not recommended for children under the age of 3 or 4. Children ages 3-7 usually respond to a silly magician, or even a magic clown. At this age many things in their lives seem magical as they do not yet understand the mechanics as to how things work. Children 8 and older will prefer straight magic or adult-style magic show. Our performers are experienced with all age levels.

Sample Party Schedule

When putting together a birthday party timing is important. In fact, it's crucial for a successful party as well as for maintaining your sanity. The question we are most often asked is what is the best schedule for a party. The following is time tested and proven! Naturally all parties vary to a degree but the basics really don't change. (The start time used here is just an example.)

11:00 AM - Start time (as per invitation)

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM - Free time allowing all the guests to arrive. This gives everyone a chance to get to the party without missing anything.

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM - Circus Fun Performer Time. While the kids arrive the entertainer can set up with relatively no interference from the kids By placing the entertainment at the start of the party they will not be on that "sugar high" that comes with parties, nor at the low at the end of the party when they crash from all that sugar.

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